Museum of Ethnography BUDAPEST 2nd prize


‚Äč"For me, the best rated entry was the one with No. 6120 (BFA) solved the connection between

the dense urban fabric and nature with the interlacement of the two characters in a

very apt, poetic way being the reminiscence of the yin-yang symbol. In the split of the

translucent white cuboid volume the interaction of two elementary forces appears

with a sculpturesque plasticity. This generous and strong gesture is such a guide along

which the whole concept of the building becomes interpretable. The visitors flowing

through the museum find such dynamic and attractive spaces along the elegantly

formed curves and the related airy, spectacular interiors that enrich the visitors with

an experience unforgettable for a long time.

On basis of all above, from architectural point of view the entry with No. 6120 (BFA) satisfies

the needs of a new, 21th century Ethnographical Museum in the most outstanding

way, with its innovative exterior and generous interiors and spatial relationships it can

actually be a starting point of understanding, accepting and respecting the cultural